The only dudes who put ho’s in their place…are not White.


The internet is immense and so much gets launched into the cyber playing field (stage) that you are bound to miss a lot and maybe discover it months later. It’s new to you, but in the bigger digital scheme of things, it’s technically an “old” incident. The internet is wise for it imposes upon us the counter-intuitive scope of just how big and vast human civilization is and how little of it we can affect.


I don’t know why I say this.


This might have taken place yesterday for all I know.


Anyhow. it appears at Red Pill Philosophy and on the surface, we treat it as a rebuke to feminism; to that popular idiosyncratic “strong woman” archetype which drives Hollywood and pop culture nowadays. You know it…girl kicks man’s ass…that one.  It’s so outlandish as to never appeal to the logical, discerning control centers in our primal minds. Women do not kick men’s asses, and should not ever. Any man who gets his ass kicked by a woman is in need of a bloodless and swift coup d’ grace removal of his balls.


In this case, this black dude would have none of it.



First of all, the White Trash Princess deserved it. I would not be surprised if homey, despite his righteous actions, paid a penal price for this ultimately, off screen.  The LawE does not care about the undeniable triggers that launch a man do such things when women, under the spell of delusion, behave like entitled brats. Sometimes women need to get their ass whooped.  Such is the burden men live with, and women, seeking to transcend the barrier line of fair equity, should face such repercussions for their actions as well.


But that’s an entirely different matter. I don’t wish to speak to the propriety of homey’s actions. I condone them entirely.


No, what strikes me as ironic is that the racial dynamic here might tear many viewers apart. White nationalists and gender realists tend to “overlap” in matters of cultural sociology.  What do they do, think, in such situations?


The only man with balls enough  to fend of misplaced feminism is the dindu who has inherited a mindset sprung from a sociocultural milieu which instructs in the short-sighted ways of “no fucks to give” and testosterone-based reaction.  We all know if this had happened to a White, bearded hipster, the incident would have tapered off into a long stream of platitude-ridden reason and apologies while the rampant female pig would have smugly resumed her intolerable perpetuation of female physical ascendance based on the fallen hipster she left in her “hard” wake.


The take-away here is that, in the real world we all know, and are in tune with, trashy skank sows like this do not have interactions with fine White upstanding hipster White Knight gents.


Ah whatever.  Beards suck.