White people and young people, uneasy anti-Establishment allies.

For those of us who ever said American politics is shit, we no longer have grounds to complain.

Ever since June of last year when Donald Trump told us he was running for Prez while simultaneously insulting Mexicans en mass with his little precursor to the psychological manipulations of tongue he would treat us with going forward, Presidential politics have been turned on their head.

The Republican establishment, less sturdy, less ingrained, more tenuous, has flailed, conspicuously, more than what which the Democrats have experienced. Hillary The Shrew burst on the scene as expected and she’s triumphing royally in states that cater to her Diversity Porn dialogue, but losing in states where White people predominate.

Simultaneously, the more blatant nationalist, Donald Trump, appeals shamelessly to the White voter with the same results.

It’s a chaotic Presidential season and everything we’ve experienced before doesn’t quite seem to match up. It’s great for those of us who have been waiting to watch the American political landscape burn. We’ve tried, but our candidates were too obscure, Aspie, nuanced, intellectual, nerdy, etc. Who would have ever imagined that the American revolution would be introduced by an extroverted, loud-mouthed buffoon with bad hair and a plastic wife? Whatever the case, I’m all for the change. Some call it an insurgence against the “GOPe,” shorthand for the Republican Establishment. Tonight on CNN, Bill Press alluded to something, when discussing Hillary versus Bernie, called the Democratic Establishment. Hmm. If we can accuse the Republicans of being under the spell, and wallet, of the nefarious “establishment,” why can’t the Democrats be included as well? When Bill Press uttered this phrase, I thought of a great acronym that doesn’t quite fit since that party doesn’t have a convenient acronym, but why not the “DOPe” party? With Hillary at the helm? ‘Tis the season of Bernie and Donald.

We live in interesting times.


In the end, the battle is urban versus rural. The “old political economy (OPE)” versus the “new political economy(NPE).”

Hillary is a doddering old DOPe and only those voters mired in the old political economy will continue to vote for her. Revealingly, most of this bloc includes bastions of diversity; but ultimately, this is not a fight of White versus Diversity, at the core. It’s a fight of the NPE versus the OPE, which becomes, at the end of the story, the GOPe versus the DOPe, but we’re rapidly approached a world where they will be burned to ash.

Let’s hope. The brick and mortar politicians have had their day.