British tourist Paul Tam succumbs to wounds. Suspect race named.


This is very tragic. I recall reading about this incident after it occurred last month. A British tourist visiting family in San Francisco and possibly looking to relocate to the United States happened to be in the very wrong place at an even wronger time.


San Francisco has its rough edges, to be sure. Buried there amid the hipster, smart urban splendor are many vile pockets of low-life humanity, but even then, you don’t hear about the two sides of the coin intersecting violently in such a fashion very often.


San Francisco is a pedestrian paradise. Due to the sanity-challenging madness of driving in the city, with its hills, clogged congestion and one-way narrow streets, walking provides a glorious alternative to the exhausting chore of driving in that city. The weather is very cool for what seems about 95% of the time and the scenery is beautiful: the incentive to walk in this geographically small city is great. I’ve done much walking when visiting and I’ve likely crossed paths with people who might fit the bill of the two suspects in Paul Tam’s stabbing on February 18 in the Japantown neighborhood. Tam, 44, died Thursday at San Francisco General Hospital after fighting for his life since.


The surveillance footage captures the brutal event.



You naturally wonder, when seeing this: what would I have done?


And in this case, I probably would have done exactly what Tam did…run like shit. Maybe I would have given up my belongings more willingly, but who knows.


Most horrifying, the The Sun made the bold, un-American journalistic gesture of actually noting the suspects’ race.


Both suspects are still at large.
The male attacker is described as being black, in his 30s or 40s, and around 5 foot 10 inches tall.
The woman, said to be younger, was also black and is described as having dreadlocks or braids in a ponytail. She is said to be about 5ft 4ins.