The NYT article that should have said “Reasonable People,” not “White Men.”


A lot has been written of this NYT piece from Thursday. It details the disaffection a majority of White male voters feel for Hillary Clinton. The essay points out that Hillary’s saving grace, the voters she can count on (and ultimately will need to rely on), are the established Democratic brand of faithful voter.


As Hillary Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Resists: White Men


To win a general election, Mrs. Clinton would rely most heavily on strong turnout from blacks, Hispanics, women and older voters. Though she won among white men in Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee, and tied in Texas, some Democratic officials and pollsters say they fear that without a stronger strategy, Mrs. Clinton could perform as poorly among white men as Walter Mondale, who drew just 32 percent in 1984, or even George McGovern, who took 31 percent in 1972.
But Mrs. Clinton is clearly focusing more so far on nonwhites, who provide outsize shares of the delegates needed to win the nomination. Her political message, events and surrogate speakers have been geared largely to blacks and Hispanics, from denouncing gun violence and police abuses to promising improvements in immigration and education.


Hillary, like all failed, or soon-to-fail, “Old Political economy” politicians (Jeb Bush, ahem), is entrenched in the rigid political paradigm of brick and mortar political allegiances; redolent with unimaginative and uninspired deference from an unthinking, rote electoral obedience on the part of a zombiefied group of voters who don’t care to think their collective way out of a box.


No, I don’t believe Hillary’s problem is White men.


The American “standard” is simply that she is the most unlikable, corrupt, untrustworthy Presidential candidate we have, and her genesis from within the guts of the D.C. beltway Establishment is the most noxious of all. The only reason she manages to cling to relevance as she shakily treads the water’s surface is that she is bolstered by a bloc of voters equally unimaginative and uninspired as she in their Old Political economy outlook.


Hillary is a vile, cynical Presidential candidate; she is born of the same mold the other President who she seeks to succeed is made from.


America does not want her; only those with antiquated notions of deer-in-the-headlights party devotion still back her. Hillary’s problem is not White men. Hillary’s problem is Reasonable People.