Trumpian trouble in NYC tomorrow (3/19)?


What will Noon bring to the Big Apple tomorrow?


I don’t think this bodes well, especially in light of the Chicago happenings last week and the ensuing escalation of emotions and antagonism since. The fuse was lit and a conflagration threatens.


We must assume that all anti-Trump protesters will straddle the line of uncivilized and violent. In Chicago, pro-Trump forces were caught unawares and the Troubles did not fulfill their dreadful promise. But that promise, since Chicago, has swelled into a furious fireball waiting to be channeled by all involved.


But now. Now.


Pro-Trump forces are alerted and scheming.

CrushTrump is looking for trouble. Witness their internet shot across the bow.  They will be staging a protest march tomorrow afternoon that will take them from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower.

crush trump


And most alarming…the counter-forces are summoning the soldiers and preparing for confrontation.


Anti-Trump degenerates will be holding a destructive protest in New York City tomorrow, Saturday, March 19. The barbarians will be marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower, and will undoubtedly leave a trail of garbage and vandalism in their wake.


NYC might be sullied a bit tomorrow…