OMG, Hollywood in crisis mode; put down that Frappiato and listen up!


This story on the local CBS affiliate’s news site about today’s simpering announcement by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences that it will now expand its arms to be more “inclusive” and “diverse” wears a rather astounding headline.




I’m not sure if calling the fact that White people predominate in a meaningless realm called “show biz” a crisis is more indicative of the moribund, apathetic nature of 21st Century culture, or of the hyperbolic nature of those who pawn off social offense as worthy of remedying by the tools of society at large.


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has added three new governors to its 51-member board and appointed six minority members to other leadership positions in its latest response to the OscarsSoWhite diversity crisis. The academy also apologized to Asians for a racially insensitive skit during last month’s Oscar show.



Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced the new appointees late Tuesday after a meeting of the organization’s Board of Governors. The board also ratified other changes proposed in January aimed at increasing diversity within the academy’s ranks, including limiting Oscar voting rights to those active in the movie business.


All I know is that the lack of people of color in show biz does not constitute a crisis, of any sort, in my book.


When a real crisis visits our country, how silly will it seem we worried about the dearth of brown people on the Academy’s board.