An alternative perspective: the Trump Wall would benefit Mexicans in America.


See, this.


Revisiting my post from earlier today. Because this is the perfect time in American history, as it turns out.


Donald Trump has turned historic and we’re smack-dab in the middle of this bullshit. It’s the year 2016 and Mexican-Americans are still fighting for relevance. That is a complete joke. Who do we blame? The evil White man? Or, goodness gracious, do we actually use the opportunity to turn the microscope inwards and take note that maybe, just maybe, we haven’t exactly helped our own cause by being more thoughtful and culturally cognizant of the disregard we inculcate by our predictable and “pawnish” actions?


Ethnic parochialism will get you nowhere in the United States. But we seem intent on exuding parochialism and spell-bounding amounts of ignorance.


Dozens of anti-Donald Trump protesters, traveling in a procession of vehicles adorned with Mexican flags, made their way from Panorama City to Sylmar early Sunday afternoon in a demonstration that prompted the brief closure of two freeway ramps, authorities said.
Maria Galvan, a spokeswoman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, which organized the protest, said it was aimed at sending a message to the billionaire presidential candidate.
“It’s not right — he says that Mexicans are drug dealers or something like that. So that’s why they’re here,” she said of the activists.
Adults, teens and children gathered about 11:30 a.m. in the area of Van Nuys Boulevard and Blythe Street, then drove and rode in caravan of trucks, cars and SUVs to the Hansen Dam Recreation Center, said Officer Rosario Herrera of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section.
News video showed Mexican flags, large and small, flapping in the wind as the vehicles made their way through the San Fernando Valley. Meanwhile, an LAPD helicopter kept watch from overhead.



Maria Galvan, like every other knee-jerk Mexican anti-Trump protester, absolutely does not get it. Trump said nothing of the sort. He spoke in convoluted, abstract code which those with a brain might detect, and which the Mexican immigrant rights groups, by not getting, betrayed their dull and blunted cerebral comprehension.


If Maria Galvan is our spokesperson, we are truly fucked as an ethnic group.


If those caricatures driving around in their too-big-to-fail-or-save gull-wing equipped SUV’s with the Mexican flag flapping around in the wind are the face of Mexican-Americans, we are also fucked. Seems lately, as a group, we don’t have many figureheads who represent clarity, intelligence, coherence and maturity. Instead we have teenagers in low riders with no ability to comprehend the nuance of Donald Trump’s semantic filters. Donald Trump is an elitist, alright, but not of the economic sort; he is a cultural elitist, a sociological surgeon who dog whistles his way to the hearts of the sophisticates. And Mexicans are proving to be sorely lacking in that category.



gull wing




As a Mexican-American supporting Donald Trump, I seriously believe I am treading deep water and pushing the limits of good will. Seems lately that Mexican-Americans, en mass, and enabled by the BLM scourge, have taken the anti-Trump crusade to dizzying levels of subversion and outcry and those who voice a contrary opinion are rare and unheard.


And as if my support of Donald Trump is not excruciating enough to my fellow countrymen, I will also take it a step further.


I would also suggest that Trump’s ballyhooed Mexico-USA border wall would be the best thing Mexicans (in America) could hope for.


In the context of my morning’s post, I would suggest the a border wall would act as an artificial “ocean” which would separate, in land and heart, Mexico, the homeland, from the Mexican immigrant, the American. Mexican immigrants need to forget about Mexico when they are in the United States. Their remembrance of Mexico past is the anchor that drags us down. We cannot break free by moving to America because Mexico is so damned closed and accessible. A wall would put a stop to that idealization enabled by physical proximity which stunts Mexican assimilation into America.


The wall, the artificial ocean, would finally launch Mexicans onto a path of economic and cultural autonomy quite different from the borrowed nationalism they all bring to the United States because it is allowed and perpetuated by the American elites seeking to permanently foment a subclass of citizenry beholden to its ulterior political motivations.




Most of my fellow Mexican-Americans would rather spend their last dollar on custom gull-wing doors than a devoting their free time to a liberating course in self-education about what America really is.