Maryland policeman shot in an unprovoked ambush…


When a police officer is shot in an “unprovoked” attack, I believe the semantics overlook the harsher sounding “ambush” which tends to imply deeper subtexts.


I wonder if this incident will eventually be swept under the rug, forgotten by the media amid the whirlwind of a the wild national ride we are experiencing this chaotic Presidential season.


The police officer who was critically injured in a shooting this evening at the Prince George’s County Police Department headquarters died after what authorities called an unprovoked attack on the station.
Prince George’s County Officer Jacai Colson, 29, was a four-year veteran who was shot during an exchange of gunfire with the suspect after the individual allegedly opened fire on the Landover, Maryland, station, PGPD Chief Hank Stawinski told reporters tonight.




Unusual name.


Here, the news outlet did call it was it was.


A Maryland police officer has died after being ambushed outside a police station in Prince George’s County, which is just east of Washington, D.C., officials say. The motive for the shooting was not immediately known.