So many clairvoyants seem to blog…let’s call this the “Nostradamusphere.”


There is a good portion of this blogosector, I’ve noted, in which resident bloggers appear to take an uncanny pride in being able to “predict” the unfolding of certain sociological and political phenomena in advance. Whether it be related to the Presidential race or the dubious shenaniganery of international politics, this breed of blogger appears to feel empowered, justified, recompensed, any time his or her mild predictions come to some inkling of fruition despite the fact said prediction is more emblematic of logic and common sense than any particularly intelligent insight that no other humanity is privy to.


Hell, I’ve caught myself doing the same shit on this blog. I come out with some piercing commentary followed up with a snide prediction and if it comes halfway true, I’m sure to hop atop my high predictive horse and reign gloat on the blogosphere.


We all do it and it’s rather silly. As I said, most of the time it’s just plain ol’ logic and common sense; nothing mystical or uncommon about what some people “foretell.”


As far as I’m concerned, real predictive power is ascertained by describing events, before they occur, that few others would foresee, or believe to happen. That’s when I take my reading glasses off and mouth sounds of awe.


Judging by the amount of self-appointed clairvoyants in the blogosphere, I suggest we cordon the worst offenders off into their own little corner of cyberspace which shall hereby be referred to as the “Nostradamusphere.”