On the matter of Mitt Romney’s stiffness…Trump’s way with insult.


I suppose a lot of my reasons for liking Donald Trump are base and juvenile, but at least I owe up to it.


I like that he recognizes the buffoonish nature of his lampoon-y behavior. I think it adds an extra dimension to the Presidential candidate who might just be a bobble-headed ornament spouting intolerance if not for his self-awareness.


“I can’t act overly presidential because I’m going to have people attacking me from every side,” he said on TODAY Thursday. Trump said he plans to defend against himself attacks he expects to come “from all different angles.”
“I would have a very, very presidential demeanor when I win, but until such time you have to hit back. When you hit back, you’re no longer presidential, unfortunately,” he said.
But Trump didn’t care to dignify his answer when it came to the latest criticism against him from Mitt Romney. The former Republican presidential nominee reportedly plans to describe Trump in a speech later Thursday as a “a phony, a fraud.”
Romney is among growing band of Republican operatives, donors and elected officials backing an effort to block Trump’s path to the nomination.


And Trump does have a way with demeaning words. He is the archetypal bully who knows exactly which words to pull out of his magician’s hat to succinctly describe people and their nuanced personalities.


“Mitt Romney is a stiff,” Trump said, noting Romney was “horrible” candidate who got “decimated” in the 2008 presidential election.


Yep, what Trump said. Romney and the entire Establishment political class are a bunch of “stiffies.” *See Jeb Bush…


What Trump is fighting here is the political Stiff Brigade that manipulates the American life of its citizenry.