Springtime for Trump; shit’s about to get very real.


I sometimes wonder just how “serious” Donald Trump felt about his own Presidential chances when he threw his hat in the election ring last June. He always toyed with the possibility of public office, and corresponding poll numbers have never failed to bolster this fancy of his.


Still, was he believer last year? Was anybody? From absurdist public posturing and exaggerated declarations, to the rambunctious displays of showmanship, it never seemed real. Well today, shit’s about to get very real.


Donald Trump’s surreal ascendancy to political superstar has been, at once comical, tense, inflammatory, revolutionary, ludicrous, and most of all, spellbinding. Many of his most ardent supporters will say they always knew he had a chance, but…really? Trump’s Presidential antics have struck me as a grand Howard Sternian goof; a massive troll campaign. There are times I still have to rub my eyes. Am I dreaming this? Is the political apple cart really being upset so rapidly in 2016?


This was the Presidential goof that turned into a groundswell.


And tonight it promises to become a tidal wave, especially when Trump wins Texas which I believe might very well happen. And with Super Tuesday in the bag for Trump, the rest of the election season will be phoned in; how will Trump, the putative Republican nominee, comport himself? With Hillary squarely in his sights and little else on his side of the aisle to distract, I predict a wild ride. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump, the prospective victor, the prospective President of the United States, will purge the last of his no-fucks-to-give anti-Presidential-behavior in the run up to November and lay waste to the entire field.


By the end of the parade I wonder if in fact Donald Trump will even have the (R) behind his name.


Shit’s about to get real, folks.