Anti-Trump Kryptonite, shade : it’s all the same thing, and it’s too late. Trump is in.


Now and then, certain media outlets get it and describe the way, the only way, in which Donald Trump’s enemies/opponents can “beat” their nemesis. One does not fight Trump with facts, logic or mundane appeals to systemic thinking.


The Atlantic calls it “anti-Trump Kryptonite.”


That is why the only possibly effective response is the one Marco Rubio introduced on Thursday night—and has really had fun with since. Rubio has found what could be Trump’s kryptonite, the substance that might conceivably peel his supporters away from him.
That substance is ridicule.


My description of it was “shade” in what I wrote a month ago here and here.


In order for any candidate to go toe-to-toe with Trump in the social realm (which is what this Presidential election is centered about) is the one who can throw shade well.


Trump has assumed that cool, youthful, wry vibe that warrants “shade” as opposed to outright ridicule. Trump must be battled nebulously and through passive, bitchy subterfuge. I hear the Mexican groups shaking their sabers and using words like “Hitler” and “monster.” That won’t do a thing; it will only empower Trump.


But whatever the case, it’s too late for any viable effort to overcome Trump’s astounding stranglehold of the Republican nomination. He has cloaked himself in such a reputable and legitimate dialogue of subversion that any destructive shade now tossed his way (such as Rubio’s) will simply slide off Trump’s robust persona in the face of his “serious” work laid out for him and that which many of the electorate are now focused on.


It’s too late for anti-Trump forces. They spent the early months of Trump’s Presidential entrance last summer beating him up with stupid logic when it mattered least. Trump has always been one step ahead of everyone in this race.