How far can you fall from Devil’s Backbone? The battle is on…


That’s it, cried the worry warts.


Time to outlaw Devil’s Backbone.


It is decreed you shall stay within 5 miles of your home on weekends and sunny days.


We suggest that instead you take a walk to the park.  Ride the merry-go-round. What do you need other than that?  Mountains are dangerous. We know what’s best for you.




Another hiker on Mount Baldy died this weekend when he fell down the mountainside.
The San Diego man, according to the San Bernardino County coroner, slipped from the Devil’s Backbone trail Saturday and fell nearly 1,000 feet.
His fellow hiker called 911.
The man was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
He is the second hiker to die on that same trail just this month.


In case you’re wondering what CBS mysteriously referred to without explanation…


This Vietnamese dude takes the prize. He fell 1,500 feet!  That’s what it took to kill him.  One thousand feet?  Uh yeah, that must have been hard.  I don’t always fall off mountains, but when I do, there are no encores.




Take that…nameless San Diego guy.