When the malignant creatures of society show their faces, the revolution will be born…


The most dismaying and frightening thing is that they can no longer be bothered to disguise their contempt and ulterior motives.


As long as those who subvert logic and common sense continue to do while erecting barriers to hide behind, it tells us they feel shame and guilt, and thus, apprehension about their malice.  We are still hopeful when their antipathy is restrained by timid reticence.


But we seem to be entering an age when the usurpers of fairness and freedom just don’t give a shit anymore and they flaunt their evil agenda openly, even crassly.


They brainwash us with language and disinformation:


nbc white man


They have no regard for nobility and civilized values;  they embrace subhuman lack of graciousness:

saint o


The day is nigh…


Their boldness is fired across the bow of modern civility.


Who will fight back…?