The last President to visit Cuba was Calvin Coolridge!


This blowhard fat shrill chick I work with was wetting her size 18’s today on this announcement.


Obama is going to Cuba!


President Obama will be visiting Cuba within the next month. The visit will be part of a Latin America trip in March and will mark the first time a sitting U.S. President has visited the island nation in more than 80 years.


This beast actually did some Googling and discovered the last POTUS to visit that island was Calvin Coolridge.


That’s not a misspelling. That is what this SJW blimp kept saying, even after I corrected her.


“I’m no good at this stuff,” she giggled in that adipose-inflamed airy bark of a laugh.


Obama is a great President, he’s going to Cuba. The first one since Calvin Coolridge! Yet again through those cushion-like cheeks.


She’s Mexican-American, but one step up from the typical ghetto trash ignorantsia that praises and Hallelujah-izes all Obama whoring plans to garner subhuman votes.


But he can’t be troubled to travel to a funeral…