Hillary Clinton’s ass-whoopin’ – the battle of the new vs. old political economies is on.


Hillary got her ass handed to her in New Hampshire. We don’t need expert analysis to inform us of this. We saw it coming after Sanders’ strong showing in Iowa.  You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see NH coming.


The message is loud and clear. It’s not about Hillary, per se, but about what I called the “new vs. old political economies” in this post a few weeks ago.


We call it Conservatism, Cuckservatism…whatever. It’s the same bullshit. It’s an old systemic social economy that has been eschewed by youth like a splinter from decayed meat. Liberalism will face the same fate. The death of classic Conservatism will pave the way for the death of classic Liberalism. Their destruction will coalesce. Finally, the two-party American system will die.


Hillary is old political economy too; the Clinton’s both are. Their currency has ground to a halt. Is it any surprise that their undoing is entirely shrouded in the mechanics of the new economy? Their unmistakable charm and Teflon escape patterns no longer mean a thing. What have you done for me lately? The Clinton’s are old political economy and they will die too, along with the entire Democratic party.


Who knows. Twenty, maybe even fifteen, years ago, Hillary’s antics might have flown under the radar to great, predictable presidential acclaim. The emails, the servers, the well-rewarded speaking engagements at elite financial institutions, even Benghazi…all of it, unearthed, but lacking immediacy and threat because in the old political economy, we had less of a “cyber stake” in matters. Politicians and their exclusive lives were removed and muffled beyond the wall of public figure-hood. This can be no longer. The new political economy places us firmly in the sphere of those who presume to represent us; in this manner, politicians now represent our inner yearnings more fiercely and potently than ever. In the new political economy, we hold politicians to the same standards as we hold ourselves (often delusional, of course), while forgiving them certain transgressions that might represent our own as well.


Hillary is the old economy, but as we’ve witnessed with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, “new” and “old” do no refer simply to chronological age as much as they do to style, reputation, comportment…that undefinable sense of digital accessibility and identification that represent the new political economy of openness and a political existence less shielded by the heavy secretive doors of brick and mortar governmental discussion and elitist strategical machinations.


Sorry Hillary…a few votes short and twenty years late.