Donald Trump accuses Jeb Bush of having “zero communication” skills…is this important?


Are “zero communication skills” grounds for disqualifying someone from running for President of the United States?


I would argue that this is the problem with national politics. It relies too much on social skills and very little else of personal excellence. Of course, Donald Trump’s point is well-taken. Jeb is a bumbling, non-eloquent pansy with little to no persuasive skills.


The fact is incontrovertible and for Donald Trump, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Indeed, Jebbie truly has zero communication skills. But maybe he would still make a great POTUS. Of course, I’m playing devil’s advocate, I don’t believe he would resemble anything Presidential, but I would argue we can’t use “social skills” as a thermometer for ability to lead.


In front of a script, anyone can have great communication skills. It’s his extemporaneous descents into self-conscious goose-talk that burden Bush with that special bland aura of alienating expression.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,  great talkers.  Fabulous talkers.  Some of the most masterful communicators.  They convey their brand well enough that they ingratiate themselves into the public consciousness despite their potential fallibility which our logical minds clearly witness.


Fabulous communicators, the two.