Disney’s Zootopia: Diversity Sheep and the Banality of Capitalism.


Yet again, Disney is hammering us with a bothersome talking animal anthropomorphic cinematic production which I suspect hints at a deeper Hollywood agenda than the mere tired trope of animals-acting-human.


Something calculated, manipulative, even sinister. That’s how Hollywood and its type roll. They are sneaky and wily and purvey the popular corporate consensus.


The movie is called Zootopia; based on the trailer, it appears to embody all the annoyingly anti-intellectual non-acuity required of a modern family film geared at children, marketing, and Toys R Us branding.


This is bad enough in itself. The banality of Capitalism in today’s rabidly consumerist First World. But beyond this, I detected another layer, a nefarious subtext which, carefully examined, exposes a Hollywood-fueled agenda that is intent on idolizing the principle of racial and religious diversity in urban America (ie, New York values) at all logical costs.



Zootopia is a rambling, crowded population center typified by a diverse conglomeration of animals and species living under the same metropolitan umbrella. Heterogeneous conflict and a dark serial kidnapping villain give this Disney kid-fodder flick enough of a socially-aware edge to lead the next generation of gullible Social Justice Warriors down the long path of existential anxiety and oppressive idealistic conformity. I’ll let Walt Disney Company describe the movie. It’s a very revealing motivational path:


disney synopsis


This story, as envisioned by Disney’s Propagandists-For-Hire, is an accumulation of diverse humanity, a “melting pot,” where animals (innocently so, animals are always innocent in the Realm of the Mouse) co-exist, and as human proxies, experience the same conflicts and tensions, on a diluted, cinematic palatable level of manifestation, of course. Zooptopia is big, it’s grand, it’s modern, it’s urban as hell. And in the trailer, we are promised that this city is a modern multi-species Garden of Eden “where animals of all breeds, predator and prey alike, live together, in peace and harmony.” In Disney’s cliched sanctification of racial blurring and co-existence, everyone gets along, even those who seek to destroy others.


Spearheading this cinematic SJW revolution is Judy Hopps, the first ever (ostensibly) female and rabbit member of the ZPD (as in Zootopia…). At one point in the trailer, she scolds that she is not just “some token bunny” to the equally stereotypical (Disney thrives in the stereotype) oxen, masculinist police Chief Bogo. ¬†Of course, “bunnies” are always understood to be female manipulators, no?


Zootopia is a large Third/First World binary mess of disparate animal cultures and chaotic coexistence which Disney attempts to justify by placating its juvenile audience through the turning of a naive, blind eye to the truly incontrovertible nature of such haphazard multiculturalism: this can never work except in over-produced socially liberal Hollywood garbage like Zootopia.




The movie seems innocent on the surface, but it is grooming a generation of children into Diversity Sheep.


And what child can hate the persistent and passively, maternally powerful, Judy Hopps? Certainly not the children which Disney is brainwashing with popcorn and toys and spectacular imagery.


And the ever present castigating reprimand that diversity is entertainment and results only in auspicious good humor?