President Platitude.


Remember the crocodile tears and steamy emotionalism from President Obama on January 5 when he announced a grand concerted effort to rid the American countryside of those horrible, deadly guns?


Yeah, the tears running down his cheeks. Such a showman; the cynical profusion of fake passion. That’s the worst thing about President Barack Obama. The platitudes. He’s our very own President Platitude.


In fact, that whole campaign to purge guns from the hands of American citizens has sort of spiraled down the memory drain.


Obama’s Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action


The centerpiece of a plan for stemming gun violence that President Obama announced to great fanfare last month largely amounts to this: an updated web page and 10,000 pamphlets that federal agents plan to give out at gun shows.


In a tearful display of anger and sadness in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama ordered a series of steps intended to limit gun violence and vowed to clamp down on what he called widespread evasion of a federal law requiring gun dealers to obtain licenses.


But few concrete actions have been put in motion by law enforcement agencies to aggressively carry out the gun dealer initiative, despite the lofty expectations that Mr. Obama and top aides set.

For Mr. Obama, the highly stage-managed announcement of new gun measures gave him the chance to demonstrate what he called the “fierce urgency” to respond to mass shootings.


Our President Platitude succumbed to the heat of the moment, the hyper-emotional manipulations of expediency and indulged in dramatics to create a hollow furor.


Like a bitch.