Why I wish I was as rich as Bill Gates.


I wish I was as rich as Bill Gates.


Not because of his money or because I could buy anything I wanted. I don’t give a crap about possessions and material crap. That’s not why I wish I was as rich as Bill Gates.


This is why I wish I was as rich as he.


I want to be able to afford to sit there, earnestly, with such glib sincerity and utter obliviousness, and say stuff:

Bill Gates: US ‘should take more’ refugees

The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has told the BBC that the United States “should set a better example” by taking in more refugees.
Mr Gates said his home country “had the capacity” to follow the examples of Germany and Sweden, who were “to be congratulated” for welcoming migrants.

But he acknowledged that relaxing immigration laws “was not easy”.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Gates added that governments were dealing with “tight budgets”.
However, he emphasised that the issue was largely a political one, and that “the total number of refugees is not a world record”.


I would like to be that rich; I could stick my head in the sand and set the bar according to “world records.”


And praise Germany and Sweden with a straight face while I go cash another check.