What it’s like to be a Mexican-American supporter of Donald Trump: disentangling the Guilt vs. the Shame of it all.


I was IM’ing a Hispanic chick from work last week. We segued from work matters into other bullshit. Because, you know…man does not simply work when the diversions of modern technology beckon.


We segued into other bullshit. Like Donald Trump. I generally resist saying much about Donald Trump to Hispanics. My parents are the only Hispanics that know of my very qualified support for Trump. I support Trump, the idea, the disruptor, the bringer of chaos and upheaval; I absolutely revel in the discomfort and fear he brings to the existent political Establishment which has owned the dialog and process for too long. The political Establishment has owned political discourse for so long that its ownership is a stranglehold, a monopoly.


So, in traipses Donald Trump with his far-flung motivations and histrionics and how can one not enjoy the spectacle? Politics needs to be revolutionized, and unfortunately, it takes a blowhard with big hair. I don’t love the vehicle, but I do love the path.


So my nuanced appraisal of Donald Trump is a bit too nebulous and abstract to explain to most people, especially Hispanics, who it seems, share a resounding distrust of the aspiring Presidential reality show graduate. In fact, Hispanics are being way too knee-jerk and ignorant about Donald Trump. Rather than step back and examine the man and his words, they defer to argumentative and defensive condemnations of a boogeyman they assume lives in his suit. It’s become a bit sacrosanct for Hispanics to publicly and vociferously loathe Trump in the most egregious manner possible. If one seeks to be fair and analytical about Trump’s ideology, this is tantamount to “adoring” the guy. There is no Hispanic gray when it comes to Donald Trump.


This girl I IM’d with at work was one such specimen, so I withheld my opinions and let her drone out about what an evil man Donald Trump is and how he will make life a living hell for all Hispanics.


Look, if you want to cling to this opinion, that’s your right, but you sound stupid and ignorant if you religiously (ie, blindly) default to vague, reactive talking points about the man without learning to educate yourself in pertinent matters first. If you take the time to study Trump’s itinerary and still find you disagree with him vehemently, fine then. I respect this. I value educated opinion, regardless of where it lands. I detest superstition and emotional conclusions disguised as analysis, however.


As for Donald, I’ve never liked the guy. I don’t watch his entertainment, I hate his bling, his showmanship, his excruciating extroversion, his grandstanding and most of all, his hot air. That’s my opinion and I own it; conversely, I value what he is doing to the stagnant political process. I suspect a large part of his appeal to many groups is his “hot-aired tempo” which draws many kindred Anglo’s and Blacks. There’s a sense from Donald Trump that his arrogance is self-conscious and one-dimensional in its motivations. His arrogance and boisterousness are displayed and exerted purely for the sake of their own manipulative existence. It’s this sordid self-consciousness innate to his hot-aired tempo that appeals to Blacks and Anglo’s who compose a great part of American Guilt culture.


Hispanics and Asians, mostly represented by Shame Cultures, do not particularly seem enthralled with the Donald, but they seem to overlay ideology as the basis for their opinion rather than examining why they truly don’t like the man. Mexican-Americans feel it’s racial bigotry so they hang their hatred on this notion, but in reality, if they examined their gut reactions, they might recognize the fact that what they hate about Trump is his unapologetic brashness and effusive displays of offensiveness for the sake of offense, along with all his triggering affectations. With Trump, it’s all about the Alpha, Texas-sized bluster. ┬áThis is why Blacks love the guy. He echoes the Black American persona.


It’s not that stupid Wall, or illegal alien rapists; it’s simply that Donald Trump is the antithesis to the Mexican persona, and to a certain degree, the Asian, as well. The guy is annoying as shit, but our country needs his brand of hoopla right now.