Smart for the sake of being smart can only be accomplished smartly by imbeciles…or, a blogger’s impression of Star Wars and its racial hoopla.


Guess what I saw this weekend.


Star Wars!


Yes, Star Wars. When it comes to certain things, my time scale is sluggish. It lags.  More specifically, when it comes to things I cannot bring myself to give a flying shit about. And Star Wars certainly qualifies.


I don’t get it. When I was young, I was a certified sci-fi geek, but only in the matters of the written word. I subscribed (thanks to my generous folks who had no idea what their little munchkin was involving himself in) to Analog and Isaac Asimov’s Fantasy and Science Fiction magazines. These were cutting edge short science fiction stories that concerned science and doomed extraterrestrial scenarios of mind and body. I read Hugo award anthologies religiously. I loved, and love, the art form.


But Star Wars?


What dreck. I didn’t like it then, and I like it much less now. I’m mortified by most of the raging fanboy orgasms that echo across pop culture every time a new Star Wars prolonged series of boring special effect soullessness booms across the big (the bigger the better, but louder is even better) screen. Every one gets worked up into a tizzy and I’m puzzled by their acclaim because these movies are nothing but boring, predictable vehicles of stupidity. Mental languor.


This is what passes for entertainment?


All these kids running in frantic circles to watch this crap and presuming to be geeks and science fiction aficionados. Whatever. Go home you lame-brained squirts. Star Wars is Disneyfied horse manure (and if you’d rather use some contrived and artificially obscure alien race’s name instead, go for it).


I walked into the theater expecting little, and was sorely rewarded. Over two hours of vacuous filler. Predictable snarky action, cynical narrative doldrums dished out to the cinematic hordes who, apparently, ask for very little to challenge the mind. In fact, Star Wars is painful for me because it illustrates how badly garbage appeal enlivens the cinematic big screen, while truly wondrous science fiction evades pop culture. If I had won the Power Ball, I just might have been tempted to personally finance production of a big-screen adaptation of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. That’s the kind of movie we need to be made as a representative of the genre. Although, the subject matter would probably scare Disney away (and just about all prospective family audience members) because of its apocalyptic darkness. How science fiction should be.


Not Star Wars. Lighthearted humorous formulaic regurgitation designed to bring the world and galaxies together in one supreme orgy of life forces.


I walked in expecting little but intrigued to discover what the fuss about the Black actor was all about. They are killing White people…the White race is doomed. The new Star Wars is a manifesto against the White Race. They cast a Black actor. I was curious.


Finally a Star Wars that offered more than the usual extended state of suspended intelligence in order to appreciate.


And within due time, there he came, cheekbones askew, John Boyega, Star Wars’ new dark lord!




Ah, whatever.


He was a Black Storm Trooper who fittingly turned his back on evil to come to the “light.” Still, his mannerisms, his expressions, his speech, left little doubt that he had no game.  And assuredly, absolutely no cred.


A real future soulful kinda guy.


What a weird symbiosis of archetype JJ Abrams spun here. Black mastodon ruffian on the outside, Yiddish home-spun myth inside. In the year 5,000 AD or whenever this garbage is supposed to take place, does “Negro” have any significance? At this point in human history, everyone will be brown, anyhow. People will definitely not be this Black. No one will retain so much genuine racial make-up that would allow them to be so unmistakably…something. Like Boyega.


What’d they do…time leap him forward from Boyz N The Hood into Star Wars by accident since the Straight Outta Compton coordinates were eviscerated by this year’s not so fearsome El Niño?




This movie was painful, but most painful was expectantly watching this supposed “vehicle” of anti-White retribution that was anything but.


Do the Infinity Channer’s/nerd White supremacists really eat this shit up?


My elemental question to these folks is: why, why, why, do you even pay heed to Star Wars? It’s a big lump of Hollywood crap and the steamroller steering it is Disney. As JJ Abrams might say, “waddya expect, ya morons?”


JJ Abrams, if anybody is culpable, is the one.


His Lost television series was pure drivel. It fetishized diversity within the macrocosm of an island and its supposed abstractions were embellishments of hollow intellect. Smart for the sake of being smart can only be accomplished smartly by imbeciles. This is JJ Abrams’ motto. All you moron nerds, so infatuated with Star Wars, need to broaden your intellect. Read a real science fiction novel. Think about the future beyond your little racial myopia.


ie. Nothing lasts forever.


Star Wars, with all its strangely-shaped, colored, sounding, clashing, robotic and organic, life forms, has always been the testament to a strange nebulous diversity of the future. In this context, a stupid Black storm trooper is hardly negligible on the diversification scale when compared to all the strange bullshit that populates the typical Star Wars screen. The future of civilization, as envisioned by the Star Wars cult, much like the past, will forever clash.


A clash of everything.


Get used to it. We got ourselves another million years of this.

Diversity coming to a neighborhood near you
Diversity coming to a neighborhood near you