Be nimble and silent of foot and your life will fall in balance.


When I was young, my dad, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English, sometimes both, would frequently scold me for “walking heavy” or with “loud steps.”


It’s one of those obscure childhood lessons that seems to have stuck. I have integrated his castigation into my personality, for now I am a light, stealth walker, and I get equally annoyed when others walk loudly. I think walking lightly is saintly and disciplined and indicative of a serene disposition.


Beyond that, I firmly believe that we should all strive to not only walk lightly and faintly, stealthily, but that all our activities and actions should be as gracefully mute and imperceptible. When cooking dinner, or when cleaning the dishes, or cleaning your car, or changing your engine oil, you must always seek to maintain the minimum level of sound and noise in your actions, for this bespeaks a level of mindfulness and diligence not witnessed in those loud, messy people who tramp around loudly and chaotically. They slam doors, they drop equipment, they stir loudly and bang crap recklessly against other crap. These people are not peaceful and they do not do good work.


Quietude is next to saintliness.


Loud cacophony is indicative of a disordered and self-conscious mind; of tension and inner discord.


In all my activities, I seek to accomplish them in as tranquil a manner as possible. Ultimately, I would seek to do everything without a sound, but of course, this is impossible, but it is the striving I seek. I speak quietly and precisely, but unfortunately, I may occasionally laugh too loudly, and for this, I feel a sense of failure. I am precise and my actions and noise level must also reflect this precision and certitude I seek to establish in my daily rituals.


I know two people…women.


One is soft-spoken, exacting, moves with the minimal flourishes and range of motion; a restrained butterfly of control and discipline. She exists within herself and there are no superfluous movements or sounds issuing from her body. She is classic and spiritually immaculate. Contained within her sphere of existence is the bare elemental embodiment of an unwavering mind well-maintained.


And I know another woman who is loud, rushed, messy, fumbles over objects and ideas and movement. She walks heavy, one can hear her coming from afar. She is loud and her vocal and physical expression are exaggerated and grating. There is a disorganized diffusion about her persona. Her actions are pronounced and wasteful, as is her psyche. There is no serenity or equanimity to be found in her ricocheting existence.


Guess which one is morbidly obese?