For David Bowie, and all of us, remember the Golden Years well, for they are fleeting.


Well damn, I had no idea David Bowie was terminally ill. Color me shocked. He always had that gaunt, death’s-bed look about him, who would have known that he was wasting away from cancer otherwise?


The flood of tributes and memoriams are flooding in across all media. An artist who left such a vast library of musical styles and textures cannot soon be summarized in one, or even 5, paragraphs.


At the end of the day, David Bowie upturned the musical form, but ultimately, my favorite song of all was “Golden Years.”


Probably one of his lesser known and it seems almost blasphemous to mark a song as a “favorite” from an artist such as Bowie.


So long, and here’s to the Golden Years that shall never again glitter.