Sean Penn, Donald Trump, El Chapo; the trinity of avarice! Sean Penn strikes gold, and it isn’t the Powerball.

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Mucho interesting stuff regarding El Chapo’s arrest yesterday.


This is a complex story. One that demands layers upon layers of discovery, patience and examination.


My motive here is not to uncover everything in “one fell swoop.”


In a blog format, where time is not necessarily of the essence, I can narrowly focus iota pertaining to the capture of Mexico’s most notorious drug-lord and not concern myself with the endgame, just yet.


Joaquín Guzmán Loera was captured by an elite Mexican (American-trained) Marine force in the Sinaloan city of Los Mochis yesterday.


Guzmán and an accomplice were attempting to escape the Marine raid by foot, or stolen car, but were cornered and arrested.


All absolute hell has broken out since El Chapo escaped his Mexican prison, for the second time, in July, 2015, just a couple of weeks after Donald Trump threw his vociferous hat in the Presidential ring in June. The Marine anti-drug force tracked Guzmán down yesterday. As was to be expected, the details and background noise involving El chapo’s capture is slowly infiltrating the news services in slow, hazy increments.


What I find unusual is the timing of the unlikely feud that seemed to spring between Donald Trump, aspiring POTUS, and El Chapo, aspiring fugitive, in the months following his escape from prison on July 11, 2015.


Guzmán’s family, and Guzmán himself, and Donald Trump, seemed to be intertwined in some sort of tense melodrama that had no bearing on anything important, really. Trump’s mockery of Mexican immigrants, and Mexicans in general, did not seem to warrant the attention of such an immense global figure as Guzmán, but it turned into something. Supposedly, El Chapo placed a reward on Donald Trump’s scalp, and somewhere along the way, El Chapo’s son’s tweet/threatened Trump as well.


But it was all a very banal, perverse sort of conflict that never seemed to truly evoke genuine ire.


I even posted about it a few times.


El Chapo will probably help Mexico more than anyone when it comes to digging out of Patricia’s tantrum.

Now that El Chapo is offering $100 million for his head, should Donald Trump receive Secret Service protection?

Will regression to the mean lead to El Chapo’s capture?

Billionaire South (El Chapo) versus Billionaire North (The Hair).

The first Mexican Law of El Chapo. Supply does not incite demand.


So, in a nutshell.


My suspicions, if you can call them that.


Maybe not suspicions as much as they are quirks of circumstance and timing, of placement and location. I’ve always been suspicious of Donald Trump.


Multi-billionaires, in an any society, are not to be trusted or believed.


When you possess that much wealth, there are no limits to behavior, scruples, or truth. Allegations, suspicions, doubts…all are easily swept under the rug of plausible deniability. Billions of dollars buys you security and warmth; it buys you safety and aggression and tyranny. Donald Trump’s fortune, an orgasmic fountainhead of adulation for most, only represents a worrying kernel of apprehension in my mind. I don’t care what he’s worth or the invasive power it represents. I do love the disruption he’s brought to the entrenched political process in Washington DC. Still, such a wealthy man cannot flourish without the accommodating and cooperative tendrils of the American government. All his talk of subversion is surely suspect, no? Why would he bite the hand that feeds him?


The timing of El Chapo’s escape, Trump’s histrionic anti-Mexicanism, and the murder of Kathryn Steinle, in the span of one month last summer, drove me to insanity.






A stolen police gun stashed away under a t-shirt on the boardwalk.


But very strikingly, I remembered February’s Academy Awards and the last time we found Sean Penn, Donald Trump and Mexico entwined in a singular story. It’s happened before!


Remember when Sean Penn made the “green card” joke at last year’s Academy Awards after Mexican movie-maker, Alejandro Iñárritu, won the top nod for Birdman?


I saw no harm in it, and in fact, found the remark quite amusing.


Amusingly, Donald Trump, unbeknownst to many, slipped in a few digs on the exact same subject at the time; a stage rehearsal to his anti-Mexicanism to follow in the summer.


On February 25, 2015, after the awards show, Trump went on to disparage the Academy’s awarding of best picture to the Mexican film, Birdman, and its director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. This received very little press or attention in comparison to Sean Penn’s stage(d) comments. Trump insinuated that Mexico was a regular “winner” of something, but what, I can’t deduce, even to this day.


Penn never apologized for his comments, as I felt he shouldn’t have. I backed him up, on that. But the congruence of his comments with Trump’s, and Trump’s subsequent campaign against Mexican immigration, and Sean Penn’s involvement in Joaquín Guzmán’s capture yesterday seems a little…hmm. Opportune?


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So what we have here:


-At the Academy Awards in 2015, Sean Penn made some “offensive” anti-Mexican comments.


-Slyly, Donald Trump slipped some of his own in as well.


-About 3 or 4 months later, Trump announced his Presidential bid, and in the process, further antagonized Mexicans with his statements.


-Two weeks later, Francisco Sanchez, illegal alien in a leftist sanctuary American city, shot Kathryn Steinle dead.


-A week later, Joaquín Guzmán Loera (El Chapo) brazenly escapes from a Mexican prison.


-Over the next 5 and 6 months, international Islamic terror accelerates and evolves into American domestic terror;  European Afro-Muslim immigration fills the news.


-El Chapo is apprehended and gives his first and only public interview, in years.  To…Sean Penn.


And Sean Penn, under the auspices of “exclusivity,” asks a very pertinent question.


Did Sean Penn just hit the jackpot?


And now, we discover further, it was Sean Penn’s interview that was instrumental in the capture of El Chapo.