Silicon Valley’s War on Terror slipping through on the slippery slope of a Friday news dump.


Nothing surprising other than the White House’s bald-faced and ostentatious display of corporate fascism as a tool of subverting America’s dwindling freedoms.


The White House will attempt to enlist Silicon Valley’s major technology firms in its efforts to combat terrorism on Friday when a delegation of the most senior intelligence officials fly to California to meet with executives from companies including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube and others.


A copy of the agenda obtained by the Guardian indicates the White House seeks more or less to channel Silicon Valley’s talent into its war against Islamic State and other extremist groups.


It states: “In what ways can we use technology to help disrupt paths to radicalization to violence, identify recruitment patterns, and provide metrics to help measure our efforts to counter radicalization to violence?”


Key concepts in the slippery slope that is “national security of fear.”  Much of the same crap we heard from the Bushian neo-con regime after 9/11:


  • combat
  • war
  • extremist groups
  • identify…patterns
  • metrics to…measure


Today’s technology promises to bridge the corporate-government gap in ways that we never could have had nightmares about in 2001.


Hang on.