We gotta eat, right? The price of gluttony…


This kind of stuff does not alarm me.


I was sitting in the den with my mom and brother today and somehow the subject of Burger King came up. My mom told us that their fries are delicious.


“I haven’t had fast food in ages,” I replied. “It’s too unhealthy.”


As the Post reports, NYC diners can expect their restaurant and bar tabs to rise as much as 10 percent, plus tips, as restaurants seek to protect their profit margins from mandatory wage hikes; some eateries will eliminating tipping entirely – that primary source of incremental wages for thousands of food industry workers – and are hiking base prices by as much as 30%, with the money going toward higher payroll.


It’s not the cost. I can afford to buy a burger. The problem is, you can never account for the nutritional outlay when eating out, I don’t care where you eat. But fast food is the worst. It is garbage and it is best to simply never indulge. I made myself a fantastic concoction for dinner tonight of black beans (homemade) and store bought taco-seasoned ground turkey. I chopped up a jalapeno, onions and garlic, threw in some chili powder; that shit was delicious!


You can have your Big Mac or 5 Guys oil slop for all I care (and pay more for it)…I’ll take my humble kitchen self-made pleasures any day.


Let them raise the prices 50%!


I’m no fool…of course food prices are going up across the board, but still, it’s cheaper to eat at home and subsist on left-overs. We gotta eat, right?