What do the North Pole and Los Angeles have in common?


Why, for one thing, we will be sharing temperatures tonight.


Los Angeles:


la 12.30.15


And the North Pole:


The North Pole “unfroze” today, experiencing a temperature high of upwards 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that’s “unheard of” in the area during winter months, according to ABC News meteorologist Melissa Griffin. It’s usually minus 15 to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit there at this time of year.


The thing about L.A. is, looking out the window, I don’t see any polar bears. Only Maria Lopez with a bag of Cheetos and a pack of Red Bulls.


Oh, and if anyone is wondering, much less pays attention, yes, I still do about 3-5 minutes of absolute cold shower water each morning.


Scream like a hog, bitch!