Does the NY Daily News even think before they click publish? *LOLZ* Or do they pun for the sake of punning?


This is particularly heinous.


Clarence Duwell Dear, 51, aka, tribal name of He With The Level Head, and his “roommate,” Dawn Hensley, 41, got into a Christmas Day spat last Friday.



Clarence Duwell Dear
Clarence Duwell Dear


As happens with these things in da hood, things escalated. “Got out of hand.”


And of course, he did what any man in his (soon to be shackled) shoes would do.


The fight escalated after Dear chased the woman from their home and doused her with gasoline, cops said. He then torched her, likely with a lit cigarette, and fled, officers said.


Hensley ran out of the house engulfed in flames and dropped on the street, suffering severe burns.


Los Angeles County Fire personnel brought her to a nearby hospital, where she died from her injuries.


Enter the New York Daily News. With their macabre sense of irony.



Quite heated, in fact.