The Disqualification Kid speaks: words of motivation for today’s ROBOTS.


PROS: I am in very good physical shape for my age. I would even say I am “cut.” I lift weights and take public transportation, so I get my fair share of physical activity. I am in thorough control of my food intake.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: I am very self-assured, masculine and confident.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I am very disciplined in all facets of my life.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: My BMI hovers around 19. I’m convinced that if not for lifting weights and the consequent muscle mass, I would be underweight.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I have a good job. I am prudent, not prone to excesses. I am intelligent and philosophical and enjoy discussing ideas and science.


CONS: >I am too quiet and I am a misanthrope.


PROS: My face is not bad. I groom myself well. I dress normally; I am not a fashion plate but I am also not a slob.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: I am masculine and not intimidated by women. I come across as bold and unimpressed, perhaps a little aloof.


CONS: >I am too quiet and a misanthrope.


PROS: I am placid and stoic.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I am very confident, perhaps undeservedly so.


See, I’m not the worst package, but I sure ain’t the best, either.  So what.  That wasn’t in the original buyer’s agreement.


I’m old now, but in my younger days, I was able to get women (though not in abundance that some truly grade AAA men can get).


I rarely elicit overt interest from women. If anything, women back themselves into my corner and it’s up to me if I want to kick-start a more physical dynamic. I am not the type of guy women flirt with. In fact, more often than not, I inspire disinterest and disqualification.  On the other hand, I rarely inspire revulsion. In some younger women, revulsion and disinterest are expressed as an undifferentiated package of antagonism, but I realize this is youth and immaturity talking, so I don’t take it personally.


Though the call is great, Man must never take anything women say or do, personally. Women’s judgment’s are seriously not worth your grief.


You own and master your PROS.
The CONS? They are shit and not worth your worry. We all die.