Gluttony as the Western plague that reduces our strength in the face of Islamic extremism. Have another cream puff!

Obesity in women ‘as dangerous as terror threat’

A “tad hyperbolic,” was my initial reaction to Dame Sally Davies’ opining on female obesity in the UK’s Daily Mail.

Obesity poses as big a risk to the nation as terrorism, says the Chief Medical Officer.

Dame Sally Davies wants the obesity crisis in women to be classed alongside flooding and major outbreaks of disease – as well as the threat from violent extremism.
Her extraordinary claim comes as she warns today that being overweight affects all stages of women’s lives – including in the womb.

As I said, perhaps hyperbolic.

These are bold words to utter in today’s tense climate. Islamic terrorism is the holy grail, the untouchable object of gravity in today’s dialogue, and for Britain’s top health ambassador to expound such sentiments is surely blasphemous, no?

It seemed to me that, if anything, unchecked terrorism might actually result in a Second Dark Age that will drastically reduce culinary consumption and Western gluttony to the point of virtual famine; fat Americans will finally learn to subdue (for lack of a better term) their gluttony.

It’s safe to say that female obesity precedes terrorism, but will be extinguished by this same terrorism. A snake eating itself.

But it also occurred to me: American gluttony is the offspring of luxury and excess and an overall sense of cultural glibness. For several centuries, Westerners have been so spoiled and pampered that they have lost all sense of survival. In the absence of the strength to struggle, they just eat, and eat, and eat, and fucking eat. Like sows.

Western culture is gluttonous and perhaps the threat of terrorism will finally pull us back down to reality.

So yes, Sally Davies is correct. Female obesity (not the obesity, per se, but its essential embers) is the cause of a world that has allowed Islamic terrorism to reign and take root.

Westerners are too busy eating and fucking and drinking to even notice such wanton existence is not morally sustainable.