Terrorism mystery character flies over the cuckoo’s nest.

Fourteen dead people later, after the bloodshed, and after tonight’s Presidential salivation address as he lubes the way to a gun-seizing slippery slope…after all this, we are left with this as the pinnacle of fearsome domestic terrorism?


Enrique Marquez
Enrique Marquez

Weapons supplier, duplicitous contributor to the Islamic overthrow of the United States.
If it wasn’t quite so preposterous, I might be tempted to laugh.


But if we do indeed live in “interesting times,” I supposed we shouldn’t complain about the caliber of entertainment and sinister dissonance that seems to perpetually plague our national decline.

I can’t figure out if the second Marquez photo demonstrates his bicycling prowess, or a medically protective might-flop-on-the-ground-at-anytime, prowess.

The loony bin was waiting, his escape hatch. Was it pathological guilt and embarrassed remorse that drove him into the rubber room after the San Bernardino attacks? Who will bust him out, now?