Truth loses its meaning in American political discourse.

This is an egregious MSNBC hit piece on the Donald.

The smug lefties (ie, Chris Matthews) at the network presume to possess such precious insight, such unadulterated political vision, that they alone are capable of defining and setting the boundaries of “truth” in the American political arena.

Does the Trump voter care about the truth?” they dare to postulate with the bottomless condescension of smug know-it-all’s.

All true political believers are suspect, if you ask me. Trump voters, Hillary voters, Jeb voters, Ted voters, Bernie voters…it’s endless.

Do any of the respective voters “care” about the truth any more or less than Trump voters?

Besides, what is the truth? The truth, in political discourse, is fluid and entirely relative when followers are asked to support and cheer their candidate.

In the American political arena, there is no truth, there is only heated discussion. Of course Donald Trump’s voters don’t care about any truth that does not support their guy’s run, but can we honestly say that Carly Fiorina’s supporters are the height of analytical, cold objectivity?