Buzzfeed is for popular, good-looking normies.

They actually, smugly, presented this “problem” to the internet tonight.

Can You Get Laid Tonight?

It’s not really can, but how and who and what, slight exertion of effort it will take on your part.

In the Buzzfeed world, the sex prequel is all taken care of, like a steamy, shitty television show or IMAX movie. The rest is detailsl

Because we all look exactly like this.
Because we all look exactly like this.

But for a lot of us, details are the lifeblood of our demise.

We don’t all get invited to “bangin'” or “hottie” parties.
Sorry Buzzfeed. You’re the cheerleaders and the class “leaders.”
I was hanging out in the back building that overlooked the side streets. That was how I rolled.