The next wave of globalist social dictatorial oppression is upon us.


It’s official.




All you misogynistic, racist, classicist, eugenicist bloggers. You’ve all been served.


Germany, like most of (what used to be) civilized Europe, is crumbling to the ground in exponential fits of devolution.


Yes, it’s half the way around the world, but this is the internet age. News travels fast; fashion travels faster.


But mores…they travel the fastest.


Germany has kicked off the next wave of totalitarianism. Again. Germany has the knack.


Perhaps the United States is next?


Berlin police raid 10 sites in German capital in crackdown on online anti-migrant hate speech


Berlin police say they’ve raided 10 buildings in the German capital as part of a crackdown on far-right hate speech on social media networks.


Police said Thursday that the morning raids involved 60 officers, who confiscated smartphones and computers as evidence, which are now being evaluated. They didn’t have any immediate information on arrests.


They say the raids are part of an ongoing investigation into hate speech spread over social media meant to incite people against asylum-seekers and refugee housing.


Berlin’s top security official, Frank Henkel, says authorities “won’t turn away if racism or incitement is being spread on the Internet.”


He says that the authorities alone can’t police hate speech online and appealed for social networks themselves to combat it more effectively.


Donald Trump’s ascendance makes sense now. His is not the promise of the future. Donald Trump is a tired, 70-year-old billionaire with a knack for the farcical and hypnotic, but he oozes the stagnation of an old economy and he is exploiting our sense of loss and emptiness.


He will not win this election, but he wll go home richer. And we will be left behind with empty dreams and a legacy of a diminished Europe that will foretell our own American doom.


I never thought I would pay the price, or face such an oppressive possibility, for speaking my honest mind in this lifetime.

I worry now.

American colleges, the mass media; the swarm is upon us. They lay their little slimy larval eggs of thought-conformity in our collective mind and we have nowhere to turn.


We are all served.

Change your opinions, subvert them into submission, or pay the price.


You’re all served. Let this be a warning.


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This is not an exhaustive list. This is only what I’m somewhat familiar with…the internet is suffused with many examples/incidents of inharmonious expression. You’re all next.


Let Germany be a warning. Let Europe be a warning.


Let the American university be a warning.


We must fight back with defiance and intransigence.
Never cave.