The mission to find the next wild digital frontier; how low can we hide?

I consider myself blessed, being the aging baby boomer that I am.

I experienced the fledgling days of the digital age, firsthand. My parents bought me a C64 in 1982. I bought a weird archaic Windows machine in 1995, and then I bought a stranger cardboard box which housed something called “internet in a box” and which I did not understand at all. I connected to the internet via chirps and tones. Baud.

I watched the internet grow into the commercialist whore we now know and love.
The internet was once edgy.

Now it’s your grandma.

The internet is mushy capitalist bullshit propaganda which exists only to entice your beaten-down consumerist spirit. You’re a shell of a human, and the internet is an extension of commercial interests who milk this last refuge of every last ounce of your vibrant spirit.

You are dead. The internet is dead.

EU wants to require permission to make a link on the Web

Digital commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU – EPP) is joining with European Parliament president Martin Schulz (SPD – S&D) in pressing the European Commission to create a copyright interest in links, meaning that making a link to a Web-page that contains infringing material would expose you to liability for copyright infringement yourself.

This plan, documented in a leaked European Commission document, would effectively end Internet publishing as we understand it. Take Boing Boing: we’ve made something like one million links over the years. Even if we’d been able to pay lawyers to review every page we’d ever linked to, we’d also have to pay layers to continue to review all of those million pages regularly, to make sure that none of those pages had been updated with infringing material.

I remember when the internet was suffused with the frontier spirit. It was the digital rendition of the Wild West.

We got away with everything because no one was watching, least of all advertisers. Advertisers play the odds and if you’re fringe, you are ignored. The internet was once fringe.

But like everything in this life, success breeds familiarity which breeds predictability, which breeds profit.
Profit kill$.

Now we must go further underground.
How low can we go?