The “Lusitania moment” gathers more heat. Officials acknowledge possible terrorist involvement in the downing of the Russian Metrojet.

I alluded to the Lusitania analogy on November 2 and October 31.

At first, the usual round of knee-jerk disavowals by the U.S. Russia, Britain, etc.

Now, government intelligence officials are admitting ISIS might have very well planted a bomb that brought down the Russian Metrojet airplane in a major terrorist attack.

Interesting info from this CNN clip.

I don’t suspect Russia will rest easy should this prove to be true. And conceivably, the sheer antagonism that might ensue if Valdimir Putin’s Russian reaction clashes with Barack Obama’s inhibited personal response to a possibility of ISIS involvement in the air tragedy.

Earlier today the Obama White House attempted to downplay any links to ISIS in relation to the recent Russian airline disaster that took place shortly after Metrojet Flight 9268 took off from Egypt last week on its way back to Russia, killing everyone on board. For days British officials have quietly suggested foul play while U.S. officials were noticeably tight-lipped. Now some within American intelligence are voicing very similar thoughts to their British counterparts, despite the Obama White House’s apparent desire that no official statement on the matter be made.

As for Russia’s Vladimir Putin, he is said to be at this very moment reviewing a myriad of counter-measure options – all of them intending to “unleash hell” in the form of powerful military-based retribution the likes of which ISIS militants have yet to have faced.

Putin is said to have already initiated warnings to various Middle East nations of his intent while ignoring the Obama White House, though some have suggested Russian intelligence officials have been in contact with Pentagon officials directly as a sign of professional courtesy.

Apparently it is Barack Obama himself Mr. Putin has no use and even less regard, for.

One D.C. Whispers source went so far as to suggest part of the Obama administration’s hesitation to make public statements regarding the Russian airline tragedy is based upon concerns there is a Muslim Brotherhood connection and that measures are being taken by administration officials to make certain no such connection, if in fact it exists, will become part of the investigation.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical and highly influential Islamic group with strong ties to the Obama White House.