I think the Anne Case and Angus Deaton mortality study was politically motivated; not sure what that motivation was, exactly…

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It’s been a long busy, weekend. I’ve been out of town, and my free time devoted to this whole serial killer thing (EOTM Killer). Writing, thinking, about shadows and death and evil, everything I love. In the course of browsing headlines, I noticed that The Unz Review was the first to note the data collected by a couple of Princeton economists who, after careful analysis, surmised that uneducated, middle-class White Americans were experiencing a rate of climb in mortality that was unmatched by any other racial grouping.

In fact, they concluded that, “…rising annual death rates among this group [middle-class Whites with no more than a high school education] are being driven not by the big killers like heart disease and diabetes but by an epidemic of suicides and afflictions stemming from substance abuse: alcoholic liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.”

The general White internet HBD commentariat, not entirely averse to playing its own brand of victim card, was quick to ascribe the falling Black, and low Hispanic, mortality rates to the peace of mind they experience from abusing and exploiting government handouts. Underachieving White people, having no such welfare succor to rely on, kill themselves and take drugs. This is the most ironic psychological ploy I’ve heard, next to Donald Trump’s reliance on blaming Mexican cartels for the Jimmy Smith’s Wichita meth addiction.

This graph from the BBC is revealing.

bbc mortality graph

The key thing to note is not that Hispanic mortality rates (among those ages 45-54) are “dropping,” but they are consistently lower than all Whites and Blacks.

Blacks continue to be the highest of all measured groups, and the White climb was parsed out through filtering education levels for Whites. If the good researchers would have been methodical and separated out Hispanics and Blacks by education levels, I wonder what this same analysis might have informed us?

As such, I suspect this study was biased and weighed down with agenda on the part of Anne Case and Angus Deaton from Princeton University.

Filter out educational levels for all groups first; then tell me what you got.

I thought the Ivy League implied a methodical and scholarly level of insight. According to this chart, that appears to be an Eastern seaboard pipe dream. If I had designed this, Education Level would be a primary column data field and races would be sorted accordingly. I can only conclude, based on the representation of findings, that this study was not without political agenda, and as designed, some are biting.

mortality education