Donald Trump lovingly reveals how wonderful it would be to wear a burqa.


Hey man, I’m not putting words in his mouth. I’m just reading between the lines of this piece from the Boston Globe detailing his chatdown with voters at a rally in New Hampshire just minutes before appearing on The Today Show.


Trump bellowed at the crowd about his inability to justify getting involved in foreign burqa affairs, the little faux libertarian rascal that he is!


Donald Trump told a packed room Monday that the United States should not use its resources to liberate woman from local requirements to wear burkas.


“They want to. What the hell are we getting involved for?” he asked the large crowd at the Atkinson Resort & Country Club.


He added that it’s easier for women when they do wear burkas, saying, “You don’t have to put on make-up. . . . Wouldn’t that be easier?”


And in Trump’s illustrious words, a burqa would make it so much easier and quicker to get ready for your Islamic paramour.


“I tell ya, if I was a woman,” he said, waving his hand over his face to signal a burka. “I’m ready darling, let’s go.”


"Yoo hoo darling! I'm ready for ya!"
“Yoo hoo darling! I’m ready for ya!”