El Chapo will probably help Mexico more than anyone when it comes to digging out of Patricia’s tantrum.

I’ve been witnessing an avalanche of garbage-thought awash the roaring entrance of Hurricane Patricia onto Mexico’s Western stage today.

The usual suspects, of course.

This hurricane and its unchallenged talking point: “the largest ever destruction of Mexico will lead to a Camp of Saints in the U.S.” Mindless chatter.

Amazing how many Americans, supposedly intelligent folks, insist on templating the European immigrant influx and its attendant mortal infringements on a hurricane that is barely now touching down south of us. Every commenter on the internet has suddenly achieved Nostradamus-level status and is predicting, in gruesomely and embarrassing orgasms of confidence, that this storm will turn the United States into a swarming Swedish storm of rape and street persecution.

It’s astounding to me just how little Americans know Mexico, and Mexicans.

Hurricane Patricia will cause tremendous damage and loss of life. And it may very well be the largest storm ever. In fact, it will probably decimate parts of Mexico. But the media target area is real Mexico; the guts and heart of that nation. These are not border outliers who have already erected a moral and emotional bridge between the lazy dream of America and an escape from a country they cynically flee. These are hinterland Mexicans and they will bear this out and survive it on their own. Any American assistance will be the normal and expected American assistance lent to any nation in the world under similar circumstances. Mexicans will not use this promised disaster to achieve any sort of promised economic or dogmatic invasion of America. They will probably get more help from El Chapo than anyone else.

Mark my words. Some of these cyber-xenophobes are the most neurotic, pollo littles I’ve ever had the displeasure and testicular-shrinking revulsion to witness.

And they have the nerve to mock cuckservatives. Ay-yi-yiii!

Get a grip. Mexico can handle this on its own. Are you all so infatuated with your little red, white and blue selves that you think America is the default savior of the world?

Ask Hillary, she can tell you tales…she might email them to you.

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