A wayfaring stranger

I remember when.

I belong to that blessed, but equally dubious, generation that grew up in the archaic technologies of the 20th Century while simultaneously choosing to blend haltingly into the digital world of the 21st Century. I like to think that, for a 50-year-old, I have kept pace, but I realize it is a futile effort. There is an innate physical and emotional qualification to the aging process which precludes people from embracing and knowing all that that is “new” for ultimately, the “new” is capitalistically-focused in the faces of the young: tomorrow’s consumers. It’s not that the capitalist elites hate old people; it’s that they realize old people will die before the newest advertising campaign can even take hold. I still cling tenaciously to the “new” because I have a Gen Z “child” who brings home various informata that I would never have known were it not for his inadvertent field reports.

And within 10 years, perhaps less, due to the dizzying exponential pace of digital technology, some of the older Gen Z’ers will begin to lose touch with all that is going on in the cyber world.

The congenital generations grow longer but the intellectual generations shrink. We will reach a point where the definition of a generation may need to be recalculated in order to accommodate the upturn in learning that each leap of cultural re-indoctrination must accompany.

I remember when. You see, because I’m that generation which straddled both worlds.

I wonder if we can backtrack and rename old generations, because in retrospect, some of them now appear “differently” in light of how things have unfolded?

Probably not.

People don’t care to put much energy or thought into this sort of thing when it involves the archaic cultures. We all prefer to spend time defining and qualifying new and future events, not old ones.

So that is why I blog. Perhaps, I wistfully long, I can add shit that no one would have ever thought to augment on their own.

What shall I call my generation; that cusp of knowledgers who vividly remember pay phones and TI scientific calculators while actively knowing Tinder and the Dark Web today? How do we denote a backwards grab at such terminology?

rG (as opposed to “G”)?

rGCusper (rG C’er)?

In deference to the re-alignment of identity that defines much of our thought now in which you can label yourself anything you desire (or at the very least, define yourself as such), I propose that my generation be renamed/rebranded/added as “rG C.”

I remember when the internet was, by nature, outlaw.

The only people on the internet were “youngsters” and the aura of subversion permeated all interactions which took place there. By default, the internet was populated by wayfaring strangers.

We did not give a fuck and we were allowed to not give a fuck because NO ONE WAS WATCHING!.

We had the field to ourselves. There was no need for a dark web or VPN or encryption. We did what we wanted. Out practice was blatant.

After all, this is the progression of human nature; the cutting edge, the new adopters. The fringes, the non-commercial cretins who snubbed capitalism and profit. We were no “normies,” that is for goddamned sure. We hated with abandon, we expressed with derision, and we cared not.

The United States government, the Chinese government, none of them gave a shit, they weren’t paying attention. There was no Homeland Security crap.

But then, as always, money found a way.

Apple fucked it all up, it seems. They brought purchasing into the mix with all their flamboyant consumerist bullshit electronic fetishism.

Monetary transactions ensued.

Industry noticed. Monetization could be enfolded into this outlaw cyber Wild West.

In itself, this was fine. Not a bother.

There is nothing wrong with people wanting to make money. But guess what follows the “buck?” Goddamned mainstream culture and politics. So the money started rolling in. Profit followed blindly.

Brick and mortar archaic industries started chasing the dead presidential rabbit. And they brought with them the old regulatory baggage of the 20th Century. The Western governments lustfully found a new revenue stream, and thus, a new cult of regulatory hammering which would sate its need to stranglehold all that was previously wise and wonderful and….free.

Now, China wants a new standard controlling “behavior” in cyberspace.

The world’s most egregious tyranny is asking us to “behave” and our President jumps aboard like a dancing monkey.

They name it something noxious, like TPP. Standardized global behavior becomes the expectation and the norm, and it’s enabled by domestic American thought police who delight in subverting free expression to the foibles to inward guilt and cognitive destruction.

Throw your brains and personality into a corporate-approved blender and it will spit out a regurgitated sludge of uniformity and profit.

This is how we roll on the internet now!

You *MUST* be one of us.  Mutate into the fold.
You *MUST* be one of us. Mutate into the fold.