No Labels, but Lotta Twats.

Apologies to the Trump fanboys peppered across the land and the blogosphere, but I have displayed absolutely no qualms about expressing my distaste for Donald Trump, the Presidential candidate. He’s a rich, shit-talking swindler who, as a master wizard, has parlayed his ingenious use of verbal subterfuge into the collective panties of millions of disaffected Americans who find themselves ensconced in an era where a bureaucratic lack of authenticity dictates the social mores of the day.

I get it.

We are a thirsty culture and Donald Trump, the HFCS-swollen gassy soda pop, fills that immediate need afflicting us, the need to QUENCH this insatiable thirst for articulation of clarity above the cosmetic submission to mannerly opinion.

But the guy is a big pussy.

He whines and complains like nobody’s bitch. For a man who has accumulated such vast wealth, he sure can’t take it. He reminds me of those macho guys I’ve known throughout my life who are quite happy to talk smack about others, but once someone dares to shoot that smack back, melt down into violent and touchy Chihuahuas of a snappy nature.

And now Trump is making a public spectacle by accusing Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign of planting that crazy chick, Lauren Batchelder, who made an equally lascivious spectacle by hammering Trump on “women’s rights” during his Q&A at the “No Labels” event in New Hampshire.

I have one observation about this latest of Trump’s drama homofests: who cares?

Donald Trump’s reputation is built on cagey fronts and dubious innuendo. He’s a radio shock jock persona trapped in a politician’s body. We expect reverence from this clown? What on Earth does he have to lose from his exchange with Batchelder? Whereas most career politicians would shudder at such a public encounter, Trump thrives on such carnival antics.

Trump supporters discovered Batchelder works for the Bush campaign. Once again…so the fuck what?

Her involvement with other Republican campaigns and staffs is not exactly the stuff of secrecy and requires very little doxxing abilities to unearth. This is a non-event until Donald Trump flaps his quivering lips and makes it so. A true “plant” is untraceable and is recruited to leave as little trail as possible tying said freelancer back to his funding agent. And after watching the video through, I couldn’t help but wonder the degree of the Trump campaign’s involvement in this ploy.

Talk about scripted.