Russia, the new role model for a lot of American men.

Hmm. Interesting propaganda piece. Sharp production value.

Theoretically, propaganda can be true, right?

How have we come to be mired in such a national fever dream, that Russia, America’s emblematic mortal enemy for a greater part of its recent history, has mutated into such a sympathetic adversary for so many alienated Americans who see it as an antithetical fixture representing the strength and backbone that the United States appears to lack?

This subtle transmutation of “allegiance” to Russian ideals began in the past few years as the contrast between President Barack Obama and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, began to assert itself. American men, put off by the scrawny, emasculated, Black Obama, found themselves secretly yearning to be led by the Russian, no-nonsense Alpha politician.

As Putin becomes bolder and brashly declarative in his public statements regarding the hypocrisy of American imperialism, he continues to hammer ISIS in lieu of American fortitude.

A coalescence of new American sensibilities and Russian follow through threatens to blur allegiances.

trump in ushanka