#ßLM? #ßUprising? Don’t bet on it…it will never leave the ground.

In light of all the berserko hysteria and pronouncements pertaining to that great “revolution” of murderous virgin boys who can’t get the attention of women, otherwise known as the “beta uprising,” can the hashtags #ßLM, or even #ßUprising, be far behind?

#ßLM is a nice hashtag for it contrasts symbiotically and revealingly with the well-known #BLM hashtag, and I feel confident in saying, will also demonstrate just how poorly the “Robot/Beta” male demographic is generally regarded by women, and hence, popular media and culture.

Black Lives are something the SJW’s can sink their teeth into; it allows them the refractory opportunity to spout their self-righteous venom and pithy bitch-barks across social media. Black Lives are embraced by the LeftyJew media, all the way up to the spittoon-cradling Trumpoids. Black Lives represent sensible exposure of repression while thus liberating culturally accepted icons of American guilt: Black Lives.


Not so much.

Women don’t care about Betas.

Betas are not a commonly accepted symbols of oppression; they are just a bunch of losers. Nerds, the kind of guys women have been ostracizing since the 2nd grade. Since women do not regard them as a threat or a symbol of cultural intrigue or repair, the media and pop culture ignore them as well. Robot/Beta males are mocked and ridiculed for they have wrought upon themselves such casual indifference through their lack of aggression, cruelty and threat. If Beta men were to rise in unison and break down storefronts and run out with merchandise, if they were to randomly, bit by bit, shoot up individual normies and family, maybe…just maybe, they would get the attention they “deserve.”

But the elemental nature of a Robot/Beta male is to remain as innocuous and invisible as possible while secretly and privately harboring all manners of grudge against society. The Robot/Beta male internalizes such frustration until it begins to ooze out his ambiguous, unsteady glance like a shameful patch of stubborn acne.

#ßLM? Don’t hold your breath.

#ßUprising? Definitely do not hold your breath.

Robots/Betas live a vicarious life of vindication, by nature, that exists only in their heads. Each time one of them becomes unhinged and takes out a whole bunch of people, it releases the collective Robot/Beta frustration valve just a little, enough to allow them to retreat into their cocoon of suffering for another day or a year until the next Beta explosion.

Don’t look for a Beta “uprising” any time soon.