Just another hypersexualized day in Columbia


I had a laugh at most of the comments in response to this video that was posted in a Facebook group to which I belong.


Most people were aghast at the display of underage twerking taken at a ghetto party in Columbia. Words like “nauseating” and “sick” and “offensive” and “inappropriate” were bandied about with much of the discussion lapsing into politics and liberal vs. conservative. Most of the comments were presumably from White Americans. A couple of people even thought maybe this was the result of a pedophilia ring.


Most of the people failed to note this took place in the northern reaches of the Caribbean-colored South American continent.



I wanted to tell them all that this is business as usual in that hypersexualized culture. Add in the black quotient and you’ve got yourself an alien world that is the antithesis of puritan America’s straight-laced, sensible and restrained mode of living.


I once had a roommate from Ecuador; ethnically, she was Hispanic, but her family was a hot mess of constant partying, drinking, arguing and crying. That was the most exhausting, emotional environment I’ve ever lived in.


This video simply shows us a glimpse of life as usual in South America’s slum culture. Not much to really be done about it. It’s a world that doesn’t amount to much, and, suffice to say, won’t amount to much in the near future.