Fledgling PETA bimbo makes me wish the bear would grow a taste for the human menu item.

Now I’m the suspicious sort of internet denizen and I like to think I’m suitably wise to most bullshit circulating in cyberspace.

And this video becomes so far-fetched and over the top that I can’t help but wonder, after 2 minutes of listening to this ridiculous woman’s anthropomorphic whining and pleading with a bear cub, if we are being trolled.

Is anyone this pathetic and…clueless? I can accept when people talk to their house pets in the same tone they would talk to a child, but who the hell talks to a bear in the wild like this?

Too many Disney movies and too much Whiteness in this nature girl.

She calls the bear, “bear,” so adamantly, I’m convinced she thinks that is his birth name. And if she had his birth certificate, she could prove it.