A leader of one.

Sometimes I think power would be a great thing to have and to crave. I might be a great tyrant for all I know.

I have none, and I want less of it.

Power repels me, in the hands of others, but mostly in my own. Power tarnishes the soul. It saps you of drive and mindfulness. Obsession with power and the exertion of its corrupt manifestations draws you outside your existential shell. Does this make me less “alpha?” I presume so, as alpha, by definition, infers that others are under your spell, your influence, and thus, is outwardly focused.

I hate power, the notion of it, and I think that in the perfect world, power would be unrewarded and an empty gesture of the human ego for none would want or need. The drive for human power cannot exist in a vacuum of need; those who seek power and those, who, through avoidance, seek to be powered over.

In my perfect non-binary world, there are not “two types of people” for there would be complete and utter stoicism of the moment across the collective breadth of mankind and we would all live in our heads with no need to meddle in the affairs of others.

I would be a leader of one.