White Nationalist (“Trumpian”) racial triangulation in pursuit of the White House.

It behooves American White nationalists to triangulate and aggravate the schism between American Blacks and Hispanics. It’s a common sense approach to warfare strategy. Essentially, the landscape of American racial Balkanization involves these 3 primary ethnic/racial groups:

W) Whites (and Asians by extension)
H) Hispanics (a racial hodgepodge bound by nationalistic tendencies brought across the border)
B) Blacks (generally racially homogeneous, or at least, superficially so; dispossessed and the ultimate definition of “transplant”)

The putative historical definition of “divide and conquer” does not work for the American White nationalists in this context since there is little antecedent cooperation or good will between B and H despite the hollow wordplay on the part of the “leadership” of each interest group. On the street, there is mostly animosity and resentment between B and H.

In America, Blacks and Hispanics appear to have entered a long-standing state of terminal stasis best described as “competition for victimhood.” They are mired in a downward spiral and each group competes with the other for the lowest hanging fruit (ie, government handouts).

The real game-changer and revolutionary, genius chess move on the part of Donald Trump is not that he insults women’s faces or doddering old has-been politicians (this is all bullshit distraction filler); it’s that he is quite comfortable exploiting this tension between H and B, and manipulating it to further his electoral ambitions.

In the Trump playbook, B can be roused to his ambiguous political image (he has consciously distanced himself from the Conservative school which alienates B) and his popular cultural image which he has artificially distorted and augmented in order to be more palatable and attractive to B. Simultaneously, he has written off H because this group, ultimately, has proven to be politically apathetic and prone to not vote (even when legally able to do so). To forego the support of H means nothing, strategically, to a man with Presidential aspirations, whereas winning the support of even a small uncharacteristic number of B might very while sway some neutral W and help push him over the edge in a tight election.

The American White nationalists, finally realizing this, are now climbing aboard this new vision of racial triangulation in which they will exploit B for numbers, votes and cultural relevance at the expense of H who essentially aren’t concerned much about their placeholder role as aggravation pawns which political figures can cynically exploit for votes.

The true un-PC upheaval in this Presidential campaign is recognition that B and H are incompatible sides of the same coin, and depending on immediate political goals, one or the other can be harnessed by parasitically feeding off the innate tension between the two.

This is the real revolution.