Ew, now I know where Bruce Jenner’s balls went…

Sorry, but I simply must.

Yes, from PerezHilton. That’s right, bitches. I’m linking PerezHilton because the situation calls for it.

It’s a very noteworthy situation.

See, there was this semi-hot actress (OK, semi-attractive) who had a role in the Star Trek: Voyager series at the turn of the Millennium. Her name is Jennifer Lien.

Jennifer Lien from better days...
Jennifer Lien from better days…

Get my drift?

Not a bad-looking woman.

Well, apparently time and circumstance has not been as kind as could be hoped for the 41-year-old Lien.

Because now, circa 2015, she’s flying off the handle, unhinged, threatening cops, and flashing her spiteful aging boobs at hapless children. All in a day’s work for a has been actress who seems to have acquired a set of balls in recent history.

Former Star Trek: Voyager star Jennifer Lien has been sitting in a Tennessee jail for two weeks after allegedly exposing herself to three children.5
On August 31, Lien got into an altercation with a neighbor. The fight escalated, and Lien allegedly flashed her breasts and butt at the neighbor’s three young kids.

Local police obtained a warrant, but Lien resisted arrest, refusing to put on any clothes. As she was being carried away, she threatened to shoot and kill the officers.

And this is what has become of Jennifer Lien:

Mug Shot

Perhaps Ms. Lien would be so kind as to return that purloined set of testicles to the former Olympian?