The coming American coup. A democratic republic cluster-fuck of inaction. Impression 3.

The very “checks and balances” which we boast of in America, that self-regulating instillation of restrained governmental overreach, has matured and evolved over the lifespan of our country’s growth into middle age.

In the face of generation after generation, administration after administration, the “checks and balances” effect has compounded and folded back on itself in a suffocating sheath of inarguable righteousness. We boast of this, in a very vague, disconnected manner, of something which now stunts the trailblazer from enacting structural revolution.

The U.S. government, so self-empowered and self-perpetuated, has created a bureaucratic edifice that has effectively stamped out progress and representation.

We have reached a stage in our national life where one person, or even an estranged group, can no longer change the course of the country. There are countless obstacles which prevent re-invention while encouraging civic stagnation. The power-brokers will not surrender their traditional stranglehold and any voice which claims to be able to do so is merely pissing in the wind.

Short of dictatorial rule, this country’s growth spurt is done for.

When someone realizes this…